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Womens Yoga Pants Leggings Push Up Fitness Gym Sports Stretch Trousers XL Size

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Beautify your gorgeous legs with our exquisitely crafted Yoga Pants. Extremely comfortable and soft to wear. Fits perfectly to your body size. We understand how important yoga pants can be so we have strived hard to get you a product that aligns with your standards of quality. A true and seamless blend of luxury and comfort. Very easy to put on simply stretch the fabric and roll your legs inside it. The fabric stretches all four ways giving you ample space and ways to wear them. Designed to reach your waist high. Worried about sweat? With our product you don’t have to. Made from breathable polyester fabric it does not block the airflow keeping it nice and cool. Keeps your confident all day long. Whether it maybe gym exercise or yoga works perfectly well for every situation. Comfortable in every way perfect all the way.

To make the product last long it is built with high-quality polyester and spandex material. Polyester ensures it stays comfortable and spandex ensures its flexibility. With two of these materials combined you get a perfect yoga pant simply amazing. Built with efficiency in mind very light in weight. Once on your body you will barely feel its presence. Unlike other yoga pants it does not trap you in discomfort. Unlike others it works better for you but not against you. A perfect addition to your daily life.

A beauty to reveal a comfort to conceal. Don’t miss out try it out now!


Key Features:

  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Breathable fabric
  • High stretchable 
  • High waist
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking

Material: 78% Polyester and 22% spandex

Colour: Refer to gallery

Dimension (Waist x Hip x Length):

XL: 70-78cm x 86cm x 92cm

  • 1x Yoga Pants


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 3.000 × 20.000 × 3.000 cm

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