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Pet Bed Dog Beds Bedding Sleeping Non-toxic Heavy Trampoline Navy XL

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Make your pet recline in peace comfort in style with our Pet Trampoline. An essential product for all pet parents as it provides a great area to reside one that offers the right amount of support to calm the most pampered pets. Textured with a soft and smooth surface for an ultimate relaxing experience as we understand how important it can be – because pets just like humans do go through a bad and annoying day. During those moments this trampoline shines the best – by rightly assisting them with a serene moment gently cushioning them to repose. Apart from all the comfort it is also designed to be a trend icon with its unique artistic touch it is simply made adorable for adorable ones.

Made of high-quality Teslin mesh and steel. Teslin mesh provides excellent breathability with bite grab flea and mite resistance to withstand long-term and regular usage. It does not easily let fur to settle in keeping the surface clean and tidy all the time. The entire frame is structured with heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish for higher resilience. Steel provides exceptional stability to the base for hassle-free performance. For the convenience of storage you can easily flatten it to store. Very easy to clean and maintain the fabric is suitable for machine wash.

A pet to cater a darnedest moment to remember. Gift your pet order your trampoline now!

Key Features:

  • No assemble required
  • Swivel leg to lay flat
  • Breathable mesh
  • Heavy duty steel
  • Sturdy base
  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean

Material: Teslin mesh  

Frame: Steel

Finish: Powder coated

Dimension (L x W x H):

XL: 116cm x 76cm x 15cm 


  • 1x Pet Trampoline


Additional information

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 3.500 × 79.000 × 3.500 cm