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Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs Heart Shape Natural Crystal Colour Change Night Light

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Since the dawn of time humanity has sought to protect itself from darkness. Your pink Himalayan salt lamp brings light where once there was dark. Walk confidently through your candlelit house.

Cast a lovely orange-pink glow from the corner of your room. Your salt rock lamp will add a touch of the exotic to your loungeroom. Break up the harsh ceiling lighting and improve the ambience.

You don’t even need to turn the light globe on in your Himalayan rock salt lamp. It is already an eye-catching decoration. If you do turn it on just plug it into a usb powered socket.

Your salt crystal lamp cycles randomly through seven different colours. Delight your dinner party guests. Run out of salt? Just chip a little off to use for your meal.

Choose the lighting level you like. Set the dimmer switch on your salt light to balance your mood. Set it low for a nice romantic evening. Set it a bit brighter when entertaining guests.

Key Features

  • Natural Himalayan rock salt crystal
  • LED lights change between 7 colours randomly
  • Heart shape
  • Illuminate your room
  • Powered through a USB connection
  • Decorate your living space
  • Tested to comply with all Australian regulations

Note: Your salt lamp may “sweat” by absorbing moisture from the air. We recommend putting something underneath it to protect your furniture.

Material: Himalayan Rock Salt

Base: Wood

Dimensions: 7cm x 11cm (Dia x H)

Weight: 0.67kg

Power: USB – 5V 0.5W.

Cable length: 150cm

Colour: Orange-pink

Note: Actual dimensions will vary slightly due to the nature of the product.

  • 1 x Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • 1 x USB cable


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 8.000 × 9.000 × 8.000 cm